Monday, April 23, 2012

Doc on France

Hear the one about a Frenchman who walks into a bistro and orders a bottle of Coca Cola instead of Bordeaux? It’s not a joke. Consumption of wine by the French is in le pissoir. According to a study in The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, wine consumption in France plunged from 7 billion bottles a year to 4 billion between 1980 and 2008. The latest data shows just 16.5 percent of adults in France are regular wine drinkers. Research by Toulouse Capitole University finds there are fewer French who order a bottle of wine on the table at every meal – except among the over-65 generation. The middle-aged now drink wine more with friends than with families, as was the age-old custom. And the under-30s rarely order wine even when out with friends. 
Doc Lang
Doc Lang.

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  1. Too much of a good thing. Our bodies have policies. Breaking these policies can have mild to severe results, from the hangover to the clap. Happy to say I’ve had countless bouts of one and none of the other. After all, I’m on a wine site rather than a skin site or medical site.

    There was never a time when the hangover didn’t hurt, but lately, I’ve been more sensitive to it. Or maybe “good-sensed” to it. Hangovers always hurt, but being mid-30’s, they hurt more.

    One new urban legend which came to me from a doctor-friend (a toxicologist, nonetheless) was to drink half a 5 hr energy drink before getting after it. No kidding, it helps a little.