Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Letter from Maui

After a long absence from this blog, the indefatigable Doc Lang has just checked in again, this time from the South Seas:

   Aside from Spam dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
and that Polynesian favorite - white rice with mayonnaise
and potatoes - Hawaiian cuisine has lately come up with a
food with mainland appeal - beer. Two microbreweries in the
islands are producing ales, lagers and porters that are as
good as suds get. Maui Brewing and Kona Brewing are little
known outside the islands, which consume nearly all the
output, but both are expanding and and becoming more
available especially on the West Coast.
   I think flavored beers generally have the lasting appeal
of flight attendants making cutesy PA announcements. Kona
offers one spiced with coriander and mandarin oranges (I
didn't dare). But both micro-breweries produce porters with
roasted coconut that are subtle, avoid sweetness, and are
worth the belch.      
     Doc offers this as a crucial part of "the library of
     Hawaiian cuisine"

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