Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Doc Lang on climate change and grapes

     Remember you heard it here second: Idaho someday will be the place to go for your merlot. And Montana for the next grands crus. As for Napa? Nada.
     First word came in a report from the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: within the next four decades, up to 73 percent of the terrain suitable for wine-growing in the current major regions of viticulture will be ruined by climate change. Or it may be just 19 percent of these lands – in Spain, Italy, Southern France and California’s Central Valley – that will wither in the sun. The models of predicting climate change do vary.
     But one thing the National Academy is sure about is that, as lands are lost to wine-growing in the U.S., other areas to the north and east that are now too chilly for the grapes - Washington, Idaho, Montana - will become more vine-friendly.

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