Thursday, May 9, 2013


And I've pulled together a few short reviews of my novel you may not have seen. (For more reviews go to the table of contents at right and scroll down to March and April blogs.)

    Bought the book, curled up on the sofa and dove in to a fun and engaging story about a sun drenched valley with too much wine, money and characters. A combination coming of age story for some 30 somethings (how fitting for the valley), mystery and escape tale. Great descriptions of CA and the personalities that inhabit the rarified world of wine. Life is too busy for me to travel to sip and tour so the book was a perfect substitute. Great read. J. Abraham

    An exceptional vintage. Robust,lively, with a long finish; not too long in the oak. Uncork this one and settle in for a delicious read. I downed the whole thing in one sitting. Americanoak

    "Nose" is fun to the bottom of the bottle and I can't recall a more enjoyable read. It's a mystery and a romance (a couple of them actually) and also a send-up of Napa in particular and the wine industry at large that amuses and never gets tiresome. The writer obviously has a fondness for the place, even as he skewers it, and for the product, too. Conaway, who has written two nonfiction books about Napa and has been the wine critic of The Washington Post, knows his stuff and it shows. Got my doubts about the solar-powered tractor he invents here, but none at all about the shenanigans. The story rings true because so much of it really is, with a lovely, lovely finish. John Lang



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