Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christmas at the beach

This is only the eighth batch of Pine Barrens single malt “American” whiskey, according to the hand-marked label. It's meant to reflect the lovely evergreen expanse of eastern Long Island's pine barrens - not Tony Soprano's New Jersey version -  made by Long Island Spirits from full-blown beer  (Blue Point Brewing Company's 10 per cent barley wine) distilled and captured in this cunning, pricy little bottle. The initial taste has a distinct note of nutmeg with some caramel, not pronounced enough to get in the way of the overall pleasure. Christmas is definitely evoked, then a sharp, clean poke in the back of the palate (it's 95 proof). Pine Barrens is remarkably bright, aged for only a year to preserve the freshness of that unique taste. However, I’d love to try it with a bit more age on the finish.   
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