Sunday, August 11, 2013

Comments outed

I know making and reading comments on this blog isn't easy, so I'm posting a selection from the beginning. I like receiving them and appreciate those readers willing to jump through the electronic hoops and actually post. 
Hi, The topic that you have discussed in the post is really amazing, I think now I have a strong hold over the topic after going through the post regarding Melbourne Bars . I will surely come back for more information. on San Francisco Chronicle Q&A about Nose, more
on 8/6/13

Great job..many things to understand..very good information thank you.. on On Writing: Napa Redux
on 7/26/13

Meant to say just finished reading Napa..... on On Writing: Napa Redux
on 7/10/13

Just finished reading Nose and I was absolutely blown away by the breadth and depth of information. I am starting to read it again just to catch details I might have missed. An incredible read and a fascinating look into the American wine industry. I was wondering if anyone has shown any interest in making a documentary out of it. I think it would go a long way in rekindling the interest in California wines. I also finished reading Nose, and I thought that was very entertaining-could also be made into a series. I wish there could be more wine related programs to educate and entertain. Thank you for your contribution to wine and I look forward to reading your next book. on On Writing: Napa Redux
on 7/10/13

Hello Jim, We met at Rams Gate signing. I have a small winery in Pt. Reyes Sta. I am reading "Nose" with much enthusiasm. Would it be possible to get a dozen copies of your book, signed for our tasting room? Also for my employees? Thanks, Steve Doughty onHere's my bio, a live radio interview, and a review of Nose
on 7/7/13

Hey Jim- Great to meet you at WBC! Thanks for signing my Napa book. I have the audio of your speech but no email to send a link. Please send it to me at marikane (at) best, Mari on Here's my bio, a live radio interview, and a review of Nose
on 6/11/13

Thanks, Jim, for posting this remarkable travel guide to Portland! From beautiful gardens to thought-provoking art, from live entertainment to a book-filled room to stay, and from coffee to a local brew, you've covered everything a tourist - or local - could want! I enjoy sitting at an outside cafe on some comfy, not-too-hot-from-the-sun patio furniture and just people-watching when I go to a new place. Are there a lot of outside cafes in Portland, as well? Thanks again for all the must-see tips! on Go: Portland Redux
on 4/16/13

James - I am extending an invitation to you to be our guest on an online show I host called 5ive O'Clock Somewhere on Toutsuite Social Club. Our show covers a wide variety of lifestyle content, particularly Food, Wine, Tech, Film, Music, Art, Cocktails, Authors, and much more. Our platform enables “viewers” to log in with their webcams and JOIN the show live, like they are sitting at the table with us! We have an opening on our Wine Wednesday show on March 20 and it would be great to have you on to discuss your new novel, Nose. We would like you to arrive no later than 4:45 PM in studio for the show that starts at 5PM sharp. If you can't join in person in our Napa based studio, we could have you join us via webcam. Your segment would be about 20 minutes and you’ll be interviewed by our set of awesome hosts, which includes me . It’s EASY and FUN! (We drink cocktails and wine on the show, so get their early for a drink before you go on for best results). The show is INTERACTIVE on Here's my bio, a live radio interview, and a review of Nose
on 3/5/13

looking forward to reading more of your work. we have recently written something on wine you might like on Post coitumida hassanon

I have read your two books on the Napa Valley. I will be in B.C. at the bloggers conference and look forward to your keynote. on Bloggers, northward!

The Red Room, along with the rest of Raymond Vineyards, was designed by Joshua Rowland Interiors. I think they did a great job! on The Red Room
on 1/30/13

Thanks for sharing such a good information about wine.In wine 70% cabernet sauvignon, 16% merlot) and sangiovese (14%). on Bottle-stock: Super Tuscan Napanjackshon
on 1/29/13

fun to say the name too. on Bottle-stock: Concha Y Toro
on 12/12/12
Best information of wine. This wine is my favourite. on Bottle-stock: Concha Y Toro
on 11/28/12
Thanks for sharing such a good information about wine.I am always buy wine online.Online wines is easy and we search all types of wine. on Report: So you think you have a wine club
on 11/28/12
man, i like! definitely the best cover of all you displayed. on The novel
on 10/5/12
soild post, sir! like everything, there is so much bs due to information innundation. thank you for not only cutting though the bs, but adding great color. on The Joys of a Small Cellar
on 9/20/12
I really like this wine and the winery as well. One of the more memorable places to visit in the Napa Valley. on Bottle Stock: Smith-Madrone
on 8/19/12
Very cool and eye-catching, even better if that watercolor was crafted with wine. on Okay, how about this one?
on 7/22/12
Hey, I just hopped over to your site via Stumbleupon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading. on A fly in my glass
on 7/21/12
the cover invokes "suspense". a bit sensual too. on So what do you think?
on 7/11/12
Thanks for sharing! I would love to try all these amazing wines! on Some Italian maybes
on 7/5/12
You didn't discuss my Italian white wine grape of choice, vermentino. Grown up and down the Ligurian coast, and in Sardininia and elsewhere. What could be better after a hike in Cinque Terre than a bowl of pasta with pesto and a cold bottle of vermentino wine! Does the Nose know this grape variety? JT on Some Italian maybes
on 6/30/12
I could not agree more with you about the Belle Glos pinot noir. You have a good comment on it. I understand your point. on A glass of open space?
on 6/9/12
yes, I get tofu headaches. and so does he: on Tofu headache, anyone?
on 6/2/12
i hope there is a screw-top underneath that wax. on Bottle stock
on 5/31/12
solid post on the "hemming-way". do you have any interesting info about Pineau des Charentes? i love that stuff... thanks. on Controlled fire
on 5/2/12
Hello, Very good blog post I love your site keep up the great posts. on A fly in my glass
on 4/28/12
Too much of a good thing. Our bodies have policies. Breaking these policies can have mild to severe results, from the hangover to the clap. Happy to say I’ve had countless bouts of one and none of the other. After all, I’m on a wine site rather than a skin site or medical site. There was never a time when the hangover didn’t hurt, but lately, I’ve been more sensitive to it. Or maybe “good-sensed” to it. Hangovers always hurt, but being mid-30’s, they hurt more. One new urban legend which came to me from a doctor-friend (a toxicologist, nonetheless) was to drink half a 5 hr energy drink before getting after it. No kidding, it helps a little. on Doc on France
on 4/24/12
Great article and wonderful stories.... chemicals or the molecules of smell (or taste) are not the only things that influence our experience... past experiences, how our neurons are wired, the environment in which we are swirling - much more than the molecules. on Sniff, sniff...
on 4/19/12
For those of us in our cups, spell check would be most welcome. on Dr. Silvius's revenge
on 3/27/12
Thank you Jim: A worthy tribute to the refinement of a derving monument to the social life. When I was sixteen, my fater took me to the Owl Bar at the Belvedere Hotel in Balimore. A refuge for the enlightened. I was a bit tentative but he insisted that we sit at the bar. He explained to the barman that I was to be introduced to life that day, and procceded to order two Hendrick's martinis: up,dry,cold,twist,NOW! The barman approached us with the two drinks, but was cradeling them in his warm hands....not the stem/ He only made it two paces before being rejected. on the third attempt they were accepted. I knew as the aroma acosted my sences...that I understood. Could not have been genetic, since this was my step father. The signal came from a higher place. After we finished the first round, my father explained that if I could appreciate a Martini, speak French and sail, I could accomplish anything in life. I bought a 53 foot sloop, maried a French speaking woman, and the rest is on Dr. Silvius's revenge
on 3/27/12
nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.... on Fruit flies: an exchange
on 3/22/12
It is a misdemeanor to get snockered, it is criminal to be edited. Where are the standards here? Doc on Snockered?
on 3/12/12
Love it! on NoCal vs. Virginy
on 3/11/12
Wonderful Jim, thanks for sharing! on Now hear this (and thanks)
on 3/11/12
Love the image of "hirsute bottles." on Burgundy West - and Better
on 3/8/12
Wow. This sounds like an amazing event. What is happens at it? Is it always the same time of year? on
on 2/19/12

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