Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another way to skin a cat

          Napa initiative disqualified on a technicality 
     But recovery's possible and according to some morally obligatory (see previous three posts). The judge "cited a previous court decision that says “local elections officials may refuse to certify a proposed measure” in such cases." The registrar of voters “'properly refused' to certify the oak woodlands initiative."
     However, "local attorney and farmer Yeoryios Apallas seized on the words 'may refuse.' He believes that the county should, if it has a choice, place the oak measure on the ballot so voters can decide its fate. The right to vote should trump the need for mathematical exactitude, he said."
     Mike Hackett, one of those pushing the initiative, said "there's more than one way to skin a cat," which means there's more to come.
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  1. Mike Hackett and I grew up together in Chehalis, WA - received our first communion together, his wife Carolyn lived across the street from my family.
    Jim, tell Mike that, if the registrar is John Tuteur, my case(s) against the County can be informative and very influential in his. :)'s a miracle I read today's post about Mike!