Thursday, August 11, 2016

Napa initiative blocked on a technicality

        A significant environmental - and social -
              question hangs in the balance                                      


     The Water, Forest and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative in Napa was deflected by the county's lawyer, whose action was upheld by a local judge, the district court in San Francisco, and now by the California Supreme Court, all the decisions based on a perceived technical flaw in the resolution drafted by the organizer's attorneys. This despite an outpouring of signers of the petition and former approval by the county before the wine industry got to county officials, who reversed it. (See July posts for the whole story.) 
     What happens next will say a lot about the survival of sound environment regulation in America's premier "wine country" and the future of its stunning views and way of life.
      Stay tuned.
      This story really goes back to the eighties, when I was doing research for my first book. It continued through the sequel, The Far Side of Eden, and will continue in the final book of the trilogy due out next year and currently in progress.            

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