Monday, November 28, 2016

All attempts to cut trees in Napa to be met with costly opposition.

The document below was sent to the Napa Register for inclusion but the paper wouldn't publish it except as an ad requiring a signature and phone number.

Public Notice
To whom it may concern; BUYERS, SELLERS AND REALTORS, should be aware that the Timber Harvest Permits and Timber Conversion Plans (THP/TCP) for vineyard development in the surrounding hills of the Napa Valley are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.  Now is not like the old days, when they were easily approved.  THPs/TCPs will be contested and scrutinized by the many concerned citizens of the area.  This process will be long and expensive.  Our watershed, wildlife and scenic beauty are important. This notice should be included in the disclosure documents of any pertinent property transaction.   
This is not an official notice from any governmental body and should not be regarded as legal advice from any public agency or private attorney.
Paid for by Bell Canyon Watershed Alliance.


  1. Shared on LindaFalls Alliance page.

  2. There may be a way to record a document at the County Recorder with this information in it, and a list of all the assessor's parcels you want to warn. Whenever a title report is prepared, the title company would include reference to that document in its report. I have thought of doing this regarding motorcycle noise as there are corridors along Hwy 29 and Silverado Trail that experience excessive noise, and property buyers along these roads need to know what they will be getting before they close an escrow.