Thursday, February 2, 2017

Eat: Madison, Wisconsin

         You might not guess that on one side of “the square” in Madison, Wis., from the state capital is a gourmandizing gem called Field Table. Here’s what they say about themselves: Daily menus, natural wines, craft cocktails, beers, and coffee in a warm, lively and light-filled setting. Our all-day corner farmers' market includes take away bowls, salads, sandwiches, plus fresh organic produce, select artisan cheese, baked goods and kitchen essentials…
    But the glory’s in the imaginative detail in both food and drink, and in the feel of the place. Very impressive list of spirits, wine, and inspired cocktails in an age when the competition’s steep in all those departments.
    For lunch with my daughter, Jess, on the faculty of the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies at nearby UW, I reluctantly passed up that egg sandwich and the Forest Bowl (roasted mushrooms, kale, lentils, pine nuts and cauliflower) for a burger riding high on a sesame bun and caramelized onions, hoisin, and fried peppers.
    Dinner’s an even bigger deal, with a full complement of local beers from a state that values them, and overall a bright, airy scene with a hybrid historic, knife-edge ambience all its own.                               

    And across town, on Monroe Street, is the reigning celtic outpost, Brocach Irish Pub, with - yes - corned beef, fish n’ chips, and Guinness on tap. Plus fine live Irish music every Friday night.

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