Monday, December 31, 2012

The end is here....

     Well, it has been a full year since I started this blog and readership has grown from a handful of hits to thousands. I have expanded the coverage to include things only tangentially related to wine and plan to continue. I will include in the new year my own experience of having a novel published that's ostensibly about the fine wine business but is really the story of making it in America - and holding onto your own cherished piece of it. And I will bring back Nose himself, the indefatigable sleuth in the imaginary valley of northern California's Caterina River, the original inspiration for this blog.
     Many of you true oenophiles have been patient with this amateur's less-than-rigorous approach to the subject, and I'm grateful. I hope you had a happy and reasonably sodden New Year's Eve.
Here are the favorites for 2012:

The Red Room:

The Joys of a Small Cellar:

Controlled Fire:

Bottle Stock: Smith-Madrone:

Hands Across the Sea:

If It's Not in the Vineyard:

There's a Fly in My Glass:

Dr. Silvius's Revenge:

Pretentious Punts:

The East Coast's Most Expensive Cab:

 So You Think You Have a Wine Club:

Beyond the Paris Tasting:

The Napa-ization of the Willamette:

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