Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bottle-stock: Super Tuscan Napan

    The reason this bottle looks empty is that we drank it all. That’s proof enough that it tasted good, but more is required in this case. The wine comes from the famous Dario Sattui of Castelllo di Amorosa, which is not in Italy but northern Napa Valley and one of the most authentically-assembled, intriguing structures ever to grace that New World version of Tuscany (or Provence, or whatever Mediterranean association you prefer).

    Fittingly, the 2008 La Castellana (“The Lady of the Castle”) is a “super Tuscan,” which means, as you know, a blend of Bordeaux varieties (70% cabernet sauvignon, 16% merlot) and  the more southerly sangiovese (14%). It makes this wine more enticing at an early age and adds to the remarkable depth of flavor. Generally, the Lady’s a testament to the distance Sattui has traveled in wine-making, as well as in architectural daring, and another indication of the inter-relatedness of the global vineyard.

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