Thursday, December 8, 2016

Eat: Portland

 It was raining, naturally. So much to try, so little time. The question was whether to start on the west side of the river at Shigezo Izakaya (above) on SW Park near the Oregon Historical Museum and the art museum - private tatami rooms, very fresh seafood, and a sense of authenticity overall - or to cross to the Willamette's east flank for:

   Tonkotsu Red.
This is hot, noodly pork bone broth infused with shoyu, what looked and tasted like paprika, and pork cooked to the consistency of butter (with about the same amount of fat)  - at Marukin Ramen just off Burnside Avenue in Southeast, our choice for refuge and sustenance.
Then, of course: 

    Stumptown is Portland's most famous beanery, deservedly so, but a good, new, "ultra-premium" addition in the same neighborhood as Marukin is Heart. They're near Marukin, and their Stereo blend, half Ethiopian (Reko) and half Guatemalan (Esperanza), is a darkish medium roast but well shy of French cinders, with a creamy head and a finish all Heart's own. Expensive but worth it.

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