Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Walt Ranch shocker

    The Napa County board of supervisors voted 5 - 0 in favor of the long contested Walt Ranch development yesterday, after a decade of controversy. That won't end with this vote and is just the beginning of something else - court fights involving four different parties in opposition that may take another decade.
     One observer more or less summed up the problem in a comment immediately after the vote:
   "What I realized today is that the citizens have the decked stacked against them on at least three levels. First, opponents of the project had to argue with the developer ( who had tremendous lead time in preparing), then with county staff arguing IN FAVOR of the developers, (again, with more time to prepare), while some Supervisors have taken campaign contributions from the developer. It was unnerving watching county staff argue against the citizens of the county."
    Meanwhile, rumor has it that subdivision of the Hall property up in Sonoma County is under discussion.


  1. The epitomy of insults came from Supervisor Mark Luce, who commented that he believed the environment would actually be a little better off because of the Walt Ranch project. That one boggles even the most conservative mind....well, maybe not.

    1. Unbelievable! I can't believe I voted for him!