Sunday, March 26, 2017

Now the Russians are coming to Napa, too

Apparently have come, in fact. With the head of the House Intelligence Committee on board. Get weirder.                                  

And from Daily Kos:
OK, this seems far-fetched and tenuous, but who wouldn’t have thought a Russian invasion of a US election and association with a US President was far-fetched and tenuous less than a year ago?  As a further caveat to this diary, I should also say I haven’t a clue who/what the source of this story is.
With all that in mind, here goes …
First, according to his 2014 financial disclosure report and reported in the LA Times, nearly all of Devin Nunes’ entire net worth of about $51,000 is apparently tied up in an investment in the Alpha Omega WInery of St. Helena, CA.
As reported in Addicting Info (the source I know nothing about), with distributors across the US, Canada and Mexico, this winery has few distributors worldwide and only two in other western countries, namely Switzerland and Russia.  The author of the piece in Addicting Info makes the point that there is no distributor in a NATO country in Europe.
From googling, I have not been able to find much information in depth about the Russian distributor, the Luding Trade Company.  Nor does there seem to be any suspicious information about the Alpha Omega Winery or its founders.  So for now this is likely a random factoid, and it’s possible everyone in Congress, Democrat and Republican, could be linked in some way to Russia.  But it sure seems that such a connection might be a prerequisite for those in the Trump orbit.
Again, for what it’s worth.

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