Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More raiders of the lost manilla folder...


    My grandmother, Nona Lane (standing), still a student in Pine Bluff, Arkansas,  was a poet and possibly part Cherokee. She was soon to marry my grandfather, James Pinkney Alley, also from Arkansas, who didn't play golf all the time. The political cartoonist for the Memphis Commercial Appeal, he won a Pulitzer for anti-Klan coverage in the early 1920s.

       This is the two of them together in front of his little studio behind the main house (shown on the cover of Memphis Afternoons) where some of the activity took place that is described in the book.
        Their son-in-law and my father, Frank Conaway, Sr. (lower right), was a lieutenant in the Navy's Seabees who served in the South Pacific during the Second World War.         

      Finally, here's the author who has just learned how to write his name. Even backwards.
Memphis Afternoons (Houghton Mifflin) has just been re-issued as an ebook. Please go to this site for all my newly-released ebooks:
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