Friday, March 16, 2012

Caveat emptor

Doc Lang's response to the reader's question below about lead foil on bottles (March 15) is - simplistically - "apparently so." Consequently I'll add my own: corks are not wrapped in lead foil, the neck of the bottles are. So at most exposure of wine to lead is minimal, and the free flow of wine across a surface that has merely touched lead isn't much of a hazard. That, at least, is accepted wisdom.
Because Doc Lang's expertise has been tacitly questioned by Ralph of Philadelphia, I asked Doc Lang for a bio, which I don't think is going to make Ralph happy. Here it is:
I am a contributing expert to Nose, having abandoned
nascent career as an unlicensed medical practitioner
to devote myself to a lifelong
study of the varied
effects of vinous imbibulation. My selfless
has garnered frequent comment and citations
from authorities
I conduct much of my research up a creek on the Eastern
Shore of Maryland.

Doc Lang

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