Friday, March 9, 2012

Now hear this (and thanks)

Readers respond:

I checked out your blog. Fascinating! I love reading words about wine that I actually understand - informative words with a poetic finish, so to speak. I especially enjoyed the Jim Law and Rutger de Vink section (East Coast’s Most Expensive Cab, 3/5).


Washington DC

Ben Bradley made you the wine writer for the Washington Post, way back post Watergate, and I guess you’ve never gotten over it. While people are usually telling me to put a cork in it, you’re telling me to take a cork out of it. Most of the soil, grape and French arrogance nuances are lost on me, but I now completely understand why I felt like s___ after I drank two bottles of not-exactly Ripple. Not to mention feeling somehow unfulfilled. There's very good writing here, good evidence of the Conaway bite, and some decent commentary on the vine.



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