Monday, March 12, 2012


Just when I thought we had put to rest sulfites – a necessity in good wine-making if surely the most boring subject yet - Doc Lang brings up its alter-ego:
Now to histamines, which are as much as 200% higher in red wines than in white. Yet histamines naturally occur in plants and animals. Could it be the combination of histamines and alcohol in wine that you don't get in, say, milk? And numerous investigators have found differences among sniffles, flushing, and headache, which can occur within a few minutes of quaffing a particular wine. That headache isn’t the same as the one you experience when waking up next to a stranger. The first is a true red wine headache, blamed on one or more of the above compounds or their combination. The latter’s a medical condition known as “snockered” that can be attributed, at best, to having been over-served by a generous host.

Doc Lang

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  1. It is a misdemeanor to get snockered, it is criminal to be edited. Where are the standards here?